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Our designs, that's what! The highest demanded service we offer are our Organic garlands. Made of 100% biodegradable latex, these installs last for weeks at a time and are safe for the environment once disposed. We encourage clients to book services at least 14 days in advance to accommodate design requests. 

In a crunch for time? Ask about our Grab + Go specials!

Grab + Go

starting at $65

This is a self install and pick up only service. No delivery or set up required. 

  • 5 to 18 inch biodegradable latex balloons

  • 6 Foot Organic design

  • Combination of 3 latex colors to choose from: standard, fashion or metallic

  • Specialty latex such as confetti, transparent, print etc. are subject to availability

  • DIY installation kit included

  • Protective bag included for easy transport

Minimal Design

starting at $175

This design consists of solid colors only and no accessories. The garland volume is minimal and sleek.

  • 5 to 12 inch biodegradable latex balloons

  • Up to 12 foot organic design

  • Organic installation, no base included

  • Combination of 5 latex colors to choose from: standard, fashion or metallic. 

Luxury Install

starting at $425

Creating a BIG BOLD statement through balloon design.

  • 5 to 36 inch biodegradable latex balloons

  • Over 15 foot design

  • Base included depending on desired design

  • Combination of 5+ colors

  • Add on accessories such as: fringe, dried leaves, silk floral, vinyl decals etc.

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